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September 7, 2006 | accessories

Get Charmed by Mau’s Charm Bracelets

Accessories designer Mau Caidic released her Pantone Collection last June. Part of which are these adorable charm bracelets which are sure to catch any girl’s fancy.

Love Red Charm Bracelet

Aqua Blue Grey Charm Bracelet

Pink Fusion Charm Bracelet

Nostalgic Black Charm Bracelet

Purple Rain Charm Bracelet

Sunshine Yellow Charm Bracelet

Lavander Fields Charm Bracelet

Fresh Green Charm Bracelet


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  1. Andrea says: September 12, 2006

    These are indeed charming 🙂
    How do i avail these?

  2. riajose says: September 13, 2006

    You may contact Mau Caidic through her multiply site at 😉

  3. Home Security : says: October 26, 2010

    my sister actually loves charm bracelets because she collects different types of charm bracelets.’-


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